Im dritten Raum: Von der kulturvergleichenden Differenzbestimmung hin zur Analyse des Wirkungszusammenhang zwischen Imagination interkultureller Kompetenz und subjektiver Verortung

Sabine Heiß


In this article we propose a line of argument which emphasizes the correlation between the imagination of intercultural competence and subjective strategies of situating the self (i.e. selfsituating) in a particular context. The presented conclusions are based on an empirical study which employed methods of alternative perspectives. The study’s theoretical backbone is supported by postcolonial theories in order to analyze the essential factors guiding the involved actors during situations with inde- \ terminate intercultural properties. We present the (empirical) process in which two employees of the German Development Service and one member of the German embassy were interviewed before and after their respective training seminars. The focus during the interviews was set on the participants’ imagination of cultural competence in order to bring to the fore the emergent relationship of individual biographical experiences with strategies of self-situating. \ This studies’ results highlight two major features: First, the importance to demonstrate the relation of biographical experiences and the construction of self-situating. Second, it becomes obvious that the analysis of interviews adds value to the preparation processes for professional development actors. Finally, we propose to initiate an alternative perspective for the qualification practices and coaching-processes within the context of development services.


Dritte Raum; kulturvergleichende Differenzbestimmung; Analyse; Wirkungszusammenhang; Imagination; interkulturelle Kompetenz; subjektive Verortung;




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