Fremder Alltag? Transnationale soziale Räume von Grenzgängern in der Großregion SaarLorLux

Christian Wille


Increasing processes of globalization, which reach people’s everyday life more and more, make new and individual scopes of action possible and real. The latter bring about configurations of the social and territorial dimensions of human action which break up the traditional comprehension of societal spaces. The concept of the transnational social space is helpful to overcome the unity of territorial and social space and to study social figurations anchored in different national states. The present article aims at the specific context of border regions, respectively crossborder labour markets, with special focus on the construction of a transnational social space. Hence, following the social geography centred on subjects and actions, some conditions and impacts of the cross-border commuter phenomenon in the Greater Region SaarLorLux, widely based on the empiric research of the author, will be discussed.


Fremder Alltag; Transnationale soziale Räume; Grenzgänger; Großregion; SaarLorLux




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